Jacksonville, Florida

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Most of the United States felt a freeze this past weekend. Even Jacksonville barely topped fifty degrees for a high on Friday. You’d think since I was from Idaho, it wouldn’t have bothered me that much. Wrong. I’ve been in Florida over thirty years, and trust me, my blood has thinned.

I thought to get us started on our week, that maybe a fun video would do the trick.

While the cold bothers most Floridians, it apparently doesn’t bother this little one at all.

I hope you enjoy. And if you have a need for prayer, please leave a comment in the section below so I can pray for the situation.


  1. It’s 60 degrees in Jacksonville. And we’re so glad to be out of the 40s.

  2. I agree. We’re supposed to get down again this weekend, but nothing like Friday.

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