Jacksonville, Florida

Yes and No

YES, what happened to George Floyd was murder. The officer should be punished;

YES, the Chief of Police in Minneapolis should be removed for allowing an officer with eighteen complaints to continue to work in the field instead of sitting on a desk job;

YES, there is nothing wrong with protesting. It is a good way to get your point across;

YES, marching is protesting; speech is protesting; even blocking traffic can be considered protesting;

YES, you should be frustrated that it has taken so long for things to change in the police forces across this country.

To conquer Frustration, One must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obtacles. T.F. Hodge

NO, lighting fires is just arson;

NO, harming others is just assault;

NO, looting is just stealing;

NO, breaking windows and destroying property is just vandalism;

NO, breaking the law only harms your cause instead of helping it.

Protest, but do so peacefully.

And when you see others breaking the law during the protest, call them out.  Protesters say officers should stand up and point out when the police are doing wrong. I agree. But then, so should protesters.

The more we stand up for what is right, the sooner we can fix what is wrong.

Prayers for this country, the protesters, and the officers. If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, please leave me a comment so I can pray for the situation.





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