Jacksonville, Florida

A Perfect Storm

First there was the pandemic, now the protests. It seems like everything worked perfectly for a bunch of homegrown-terrorists to take over a city in America. And takeover Seattle they did, complete with automatic weapons. Business owners are being extorted for protection, lives are being threatened, and the leaders of the city could care less.

When did this become patriotic or even sane?


I have no problem with protests. In fact, Jacksonville showed the country how to do it, no looting, no assaults, just marching.

What’s happening in Seattle is no longer a protest and is not about Mr. Floyd. If they truly cared about Mr. Floyd’s death, they’d join the police force and be the change they want to see. Instead, they are using violence to create their own society.

How much longer can the so-called leaders of Seattle allow this to go on? It’s time to quarantine those six blocks.

I ask that you pray for this country. Pray for these people with their guns and the business people they are terrorizing. Pray the siege ends peacefully. And pray that great leaders in that community rise up to take over for those who have chosen not to do their jobs.


  1. Diana Chase says:

    Well put, Kathy. Hard to believe what is happening all over. Really a shame. Love and understanding, talking with words and screaming is the answer. God bless, Diana C.

  2. Thank you, Diana. It really is sad. Stay blessed.

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