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Lose and Have Fun Doing It


I just wanted to share the book cover for the new middle-grade ghost story I have written with my daughter, Jessi Bain. This is for ages 9-13, so if you know anyone who would like to read it, please let them know. The book is a ghost story based on the legend of Seven Sisters Road in Nebraska City. We hope we did it justice. Make sure you mark the calendar release date: August 27, 2020.

Lose and Have Fun Doing It

Apparently, a lot of you have gained weight during the pandemic. Sitting at home with nothing to do can cause that. God wants us moving. If we stay in one place, we become stagnant whether in our physical life or spiritual life. So read your Bible and get up, move, and have some fun.

Speaking of fun, I came across the workout below which is geared toward older people. It’s low impact but gets the heart pumping. The best part, great songs behind it. The music should bring back some fond memories and help get you moving.

Let me know how you like the video. And if you or someone in your life needs prayer, please let me know in the comment section below.







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