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Finding God Unexpectedly

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I love it when I’m listening to a song or watching something on television and God is mentioned unexpectedly. That occurred the other day. When I’m working out, I like to listen to oldies rock. The other day, the song “Get Together” by The Youngbloods came on. Here are some of the lyrics that made me sit up straighter: “Some may come and some may go, We shall surely pass, When the one that left us here, Returns for us at last.”

I never realized God was part of the song though I’d heard it a lot when I was younger.

Too often the media makes belief in God out to be a bad thing. It seemed every time there was a Christian or minister on Law and Order they were the guilty party. Even some of the committees during the DNC took “under God” out of the pledge, so it’s wonderful when something comes through your radio or television station that shows God in a good light.

Another example was an episode of Mom (not a Christian show) where the character of Bonnie was having a hard time after the man she loved died unexpectedly. I thought I’d share the short video with you. It uses humor when Jesus arrives to explain why He took Alvin to be with Him.

Leave a comment below of an episode or song that took you by surprise with the mention of God. It’s good for Christians to be aware that there are believers out there in the land of Lala, even if they’re just doing it subliminally.

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