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Think for Yourself

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It’s all fun and games, until someone loses a life.

When billionaire Malcom Ridgeway invites Freddie Pomeroy to a dinner party, Freddie jumps at the chance to meet his idol. As the night rolls on, Freddie realizes not all idols belong on a pedestal.

Malcolm comes up with a game—tell a secret or play. All the guests have a secret they would die to protect. Can Freddie and his date, KT Morgan, escape or will they have to play Malcolm’s deadly game?

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Think for Yourself

I’m assuming you’ve heard about Facebook and Twitter censoring the fifth largest newspaper in this country, the New York Post. This is a serious allegation. Too many media outlets have their own agenda. I keep asking myself why it is that so many want the democrats to win elections. What’s in it for them? I have yet to figure it out.

If Facebook and Twitter are proven to have censored this story, I’m not sure anything can be done about it. After all, they are private companies. Bringing them before Congress is basically a waste of time unless there is a way to punish them. The only way I can think is by removing them from the internet for a year, but I’m not too sure how that would work.

And what can we do about the news bias? MSNBC and their liberal stance. Fox News and their conservative sways. It’s like journalists believe we’re too stupid to think for ourselves anymore.

The best way to punish news organizations for their bias is to stop relying so heavily on these outlets for our information. Do your own research. There are other avenues besides Facebook, Twitter, CNN or MSNBC, etc. to get your news. For instance, watch Australian news instead. They appear to be less biased about what’s going on in the United States, probably because whatever happens over here in our politics rarely affects them.

I heard another guy say that he watches both CNN and Fox News then divides what he has seen about a story in half. He figures this way he’s gotten most of the truth. And he’s probably right.

American’s are intelligent people; we’ve just gotten lazy. We’ve come to rely on our pundits to do the work for us. But as you can see by the New York Post story, even a giant can be taken down any time. All it takes is someone disagreeing with what they are delivering. And remember, in time, the side getting shafted could be yours.

If you give someone an inch with regards to censorship, they end up taking a mile. We shouldn’t even give them an eighth of an inch, especially in a country that is supposed to be all about freedom.

**Remember to vote. And don’t forget no matter who wins or loses, God is still, and always will be in charge. If you, or someone you know needs prayer, please leave a comment in the section below.**





  1. Genora Powell says:

    Hurray!!! Right on sister so well said! So sad but so true. We must not allow ourselves to be swayed by bending Christ Jesus teachings either. Oh my we don’t want to get caught up but keep our prayers flowing Satan surely has a strong hold but we must do our best to vote the way we morally should but darn it’s tough with all the corrupt politicians. But we need to weigh in the best we can. Sorry I rambled on.

  2. Genora, You are so right. But the more we vote with Christian beliefs, the less corrupt our politicians will become. Take care and God bless you and yours.

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