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Step Toward a Wonderful Christmas

Aw, the holiday season. Christmas. The lights, the gift giving, the visitors, the food, the stress. Yes, there is a lot of stress during this time of year, but there are ways we can keep our anxiety to a minimum.

The following are six steps can keep your stress level to a small roar this Christmas season.

  1. Set limits. Don’t try to do it all. Choose no more than one celebration per week to attend. This might be easier this year with the pandemic. What a good excuse to take a step back. Too often we try to go to every party, dinner, or luncheon, but it only adds to our stress and keeps us from enjoying the holiday season.
  2. Set a budget for gifts, so you don’t spend too much. Not everyone needs an expensive present. Quite frankly, not everyone needs a gift. So, again, use the pandemic, and choose to step back from gift giving this year.
  3. Watch your food intake. Basically, step back from the table. Don’t go for seconds but take a small spoonful of everything on the first trip. This helps you get a taste of all that you enjoy without having the worry about those added pounds.
  4. Give to at least one charity, other than your church. A lot of food drives are going on, and if you’re like me, you have some extra cans you can give away and not really miss. Giving not only helps those in need but will help your mood as well. So, step forward and give.
  5. Get plenty of rest. If you do too much, your body and mind both suffer from lack of sleep. Step into bed and pull up those covers. Even if it means a quick twenty-minute nap when you get home from work, take a break. Your body and mind will thank you for it.
  6. Last, but most importantly, spend time with your Bible and listening to good Christmas music regarding the birth of Jesus. Step up and spend time with God. Read the story of Jesus in Mathew, Mark, or Luke. Listen to holiday songs. Get His joy and love and your heart. After all, He is the reason for this wonderful season.

Using these six easy solutions for a stress-free holiday season will have you truly celebrating when the new year comes along.

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