Sheryl Coufield is all about fun and getting ready for an upcoming art tour. All that enjoyment fades when Brandonmania rolls into Lincolnville. With Brandon Ride’s appearance comes a secret from Sheryl’s past, a secret not even her best friend knows. When she’s knocked out, Ignatius Howard gives her no choice but to be protected by him. The deeper their feelings get for one another, the more she knows she’ll have to share her secret. Once everything is out in the open, will Iggy no longer want her?

Ignatius “Iggy” Howard is a serious and solemn DEA agent who has had dealings with Sheryl Coufield in the past. Each one has only made his feelings for her deepen. His current job has brought him back to Lincolnville. Everywhere Brandonmania goes, a new type of dangerous drug follows. When someone harms Sheryl, he knows she must have stumbled onto something she shouldn’t have. His job turns from finding out who is bringing drugs into the country to discovering who is after the woman he loves. But how can he keep her safe when there is a killer hiding in plain sight?

Publisher: Kathryn J. Bain

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