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The Chain You Forge

Kindle cover
Inspired by Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. Benita Holden has more money than she’ll ever spend. As a personal injury attorney, her bank account grows in large sums. What does she spend her money on? Nothing. What does she do for fun? Work. Her life is one of routine, from the moment she wakes until she goes to bed at night. That all changes one night when she gets a visit from her father, a man who’s been dead seven years now…


A Game of Hearts

Game of Hearts 453x680.jpg
A humorous novella. Deborah Zimmerman’s life is not going well right now. She has to deal with a deadbeat dad, teenagers, financial stress, and a store manager’s glare. The cake that lands on her head isn’t helping any. When she bumps into Brandon Nash, her heart skips a beat. Could this be love at first sight or the signs of a heart attack?



Holding the Hand of a King: Forming a Deeper Relationship with God the Father 

Cover - small
Are you a woman who grew up without a loving father? Maybe he was absent, neglectful, or abusive. If so, this book is for you.  Anyone who has grown up without a good paternal figure knows the rejection and pain of being unloved. This abandonment not only affects your childhood relationships but can carry on into adulthood as well. Being rejected by the one man in your life who should have been there can also affect any deep connection you’d like to have with God.

In my first nonfiction book, Holding the Hand of a King, I guide you through the pain and the hurt that comes from not having the love of a good father. I give proof that God has been with you always, as the father you so desire. Don’t live another day feeling alone and unwanted. Find out how you can develop a closer relationship with God so you can spend the rest of your life Holding the Hand of a King.



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  1. Good luck with the conference. On Saturday, Sept. 27, I will be across town at Flagler College in St. Augustine at the Florida Heritage Book Festival all day signing and selling copies of my romantic, faith-based thriller FAITH AND THE FORMULA (available at It’s an unpredictable, exciting story with the big finale set in
    St. Augustine. drop by if you get a chance. Clint Smith

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