Chasing a Deadman


The night Pamela Evers was shot is mostly a blur: the breaking of glass. Her husband yelling for her to run. The barking dog next door. The police are ready to write it off as the tragic result of a home invasion, but Pamela swears the dead man on her living room floor—the one the medical examiner identified as Philip Evers—is not her husband.

With more questions than answers, Pamela hires private investigator Jane Bayou to find out what really happened to her husband that night. As Jane picks through clues, she uncovers more than Pamela ever wanted to know: a string of deaths, shady insurance policies, and a bitter ex-girlfriend. And while nothing seems to get them closer to the truth about Philip Evers, they are drawing closer to a killer: one who’d do anything to keep his secrets hidden.


The first in the Black and Bayou Series.


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