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Using Hate to Kill

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story of the father who killed his five children this past week. This is becoming an all too common occurrence in this country. It’s the old “if I can’t have them, you can’t have them either” scenario.hate

It’s all about hate.

Hate can be a dangerous thing. It can fester and pool in the pit of your stomach and grow into a full blown tumor of anger and need for revenge. It keeps that person we dislike in the forefront of our minds until we are so miserable there’s nothing else we think about.

However, God doesn’t want us to hate others. He wants us to love one another, especially our children. 1 John 3:15 tells us that Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life residing in him. You cannot be a true believer in Christ if you carry hate and anger in your heart. There’s no room for those emotions and the love of the Lord.

When getting divorced, I decided not to make our children miserable with our problems. It wasn’t their fault we weren’t Divorceremaining married. Why should they pay for it? Too many parents can’t wait to put the other down to “get” the upper hand in a relationship with their child. In doing so, you’re only making your children uncomfortable. And in time, they’ll realize what you’re doing.

If the other parent is doing things that are wrong, pray for them and/or take them back to court, depending on the seriousness of the issue. But don’t push it onto your children to deal with. Also, in time, kids figure that type of stuff out. If mom is using the child support to go out on Friday nights, the child will realize there’s no money for dance lessons because of it. If dad cares more about his new girlfriend then his children, the kids will figure this out. You don’t have to shove it down the kids’ throats..

And by all means, love your children more than you hate the other person.

Hate hurts the hater more’n the hated. – Madeline L’Engle

Do you know what the best revenge is against your ex? It’s not to berate them in front of the children. The best way to get even is to be happy. There is nothing they would probably dislike more than to see you happy without them. Also pray for their happiness also. Not only because as a Christian you should, but do it for your children. Wouldn’t it be better for you kids to live in a home with happy parents, even if they are not together.

You’ll also discover that the more you pray for someone, the less you dislike them. Funny how that works.

So take the upper hand. Prove to your children that you love them enough not to create all the drama that separations and divorce can bring on. In the end, your children will love you more for it.

If you or someone you know are in need of prayer this week, please let us know. We’d be more than happy to pray for you.
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Tithing. One of the hardest things to get people to do, especially in a tight economy like we have today. However, the Bible says we should give ten percent to God. People grumble. They complain. They come up with every conceivable excuse not to. The electric bill is due, the kids need new shoes, etc.tithe

I used to be in this boat until a friend of mine said something I never thought of. Did you know that everything you own is God’s? He owns your home, your flat screen TV, and your car. If it weren’t for Him, you would not have any of it. This holds true for your money. So basically God is allowing us to keep ninety percent of His money.

What an amazing way to look at it.

And once you do look at it that way, you realize He could be asking for a lot more. Ten percent is not much in the scheme of things. Imagine if He were asking for one-half. We’d be more than happy to tithe that ten percent.

By believing God is allowing us to keep ninety percent of His money, it makes 2 Corinthians 9:7 a lot easier to do. This passage states, Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

 We are to give with a happy heart, not grumbling minds as most of us are so prone to do these days.


 Perhaps the tithe can be a beginning way to acknowledge God as the owner of all things, but it is only a beginning and not an ending.” ― Richard J. Foster, Author of Freedom of Simplicity: Finding Harmony in a Complex World _______________________________

 I want you to do an experiment the next time you get paid. Divide your paycheck into ten percent and ninety percent. Now take away the ninety percent. Put it in a drawer for a moment. How would you feel if God only allowed you what He asks for? Could you live off ten percent?

90percentWe need to put things in perspective when it comes to giving back to God. Once we do, it makes it easier to tithe and to do it with a smile on our faces.

You won’t be denied entrance into Heaven for not tithing. However, if you’re not willing to give to God what He’s asking when it comes to your money, there are probably other areas in your life you’re lacking also. Start today to give God what is due. Since I’ve began tithing, I’ve never gone hungry or been unable to pay my bills. And I’ll almost bet you won’t have any problem in that regard either.

If you or someone you know are in need of prayer this week, please let us know. We’d be more than happy to pray for you.

And if this post moved you in some way, please feel free to share it.




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