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Critique your query – $10.00

Critique your first chapter (up to ten pages double-spaced) – $20.00

Critique your first 50 pages, using track changes – $50.00

Critique your entire manuscript* (25-55k words) – $250.00

                                                                 (55-75k words) – $300.00

                                                                 (75-100k words) – $350.00

                                                                 (100+ words) – $400.00

*I will not proofread for spelling errors or punctuation. These are not my strong suit. However, if I do see something that I feel is wrong, I will point it out. What I will be looking for is plot, errors in point-of-view, making sure the story flows, etc.

I’ll only critique Mystery, Suspense, Inspirational, Romance. 

Please mail a check or money order to Kathryn J. Bain, P.O. Box 15295, Jacksonville, Florida 32239. Make sure to include your e-mail address and the name of your manuscript.

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