Save Your Last Breath for Me

Volume 5 of the popular Lincolnville Mystery Series is now available.

Sheryl Coufield is all about getting ready for an upcoming art tour until Brandonmania rolls into Lincolnville. With Brandon Ride’s appearance comes a secret from Sheryl’s past, a secret not even her best friend knows.

Ignatius “Iggy” Howard is a serious and solemn DEA agent who has had dealings with Sheryl Coufield in the past. When someone harms Sheryl, he knows she must have stumbled onto something she shouldn’t have. How can he keep her safe when there is a killer hiding in plain sight?

“A must read if you like great characters and an action packed book.” – Amazon review

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Chasing a Dead Man

Don’t miss the second in the Black and Bayou Series.

Some women will do anything for love…  Including kidnapping and theft…  But a dead body, a drugged elderly man, and greed have nothing to do with love…only murder. This story hits close to home when Jane is asked by her mother to help save a friend from a caretaker who has too much power.

“Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down.” – Amazon review

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