I was in a store the other day and a young boy was crying because he wanted a candy bar, and his mother wouldn’t get him one. (It probably didn’t help that I grabbed a Snickers. What? I’m entitled. It’s not like I was going to eat it in front of the kid.) While he caterwauled, his sister sat there, not saying a word, watching him have a conniption fit. Eventually the mother asked him why he couldn’t be quiet like his sister.

How many of you remember being compared to a sibling? “Why can’t you be good like Billy?” “Why can’t you get good grades like Suzie?” “Why can’t you fly to the moon like your brother Neil?”

When you’re compared to others, in a negative way, you feel unloved. It leads to feelings of insecurity and imperfection. We’re all different and nobody’s perfect. No matter what the computer generated pictures on the front of magazines want us to believe.

God loves us no matter the circumstances. He wants us to feel secure in his love, that’s why he sent His Son to die for us. You don’t have to become a doctor or go to college to get God’s love. He gives it freely.

When you feel down, like you’re not worth it, go to him for strength and that God-loving feeling. (Psalms 16:1) Preserve me, God, for in you do I take refuge. He’ll listen. No voicemail here. And if you open your ears you might hear Him tell you how much He really loves you.

And remember, things could be worse. Imagine Jesus being your brother.