Being Single in a Couple World

Today is Valentine’s Day, and if you’re single, you feel left out. There’s no one to buy you chocolates or flowers. God doesn’t want us to be unhappy just because we don’t have that “special” someone. Psalm 68:3 reads: But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful.

I got together with my Monday night Bible Study group, the Ladies of the Lord, and we came up with ten reasons why it’s great to be single. Send me some of your reasons, here are ours.

1. You can buy what you want and don’t have to explain it to anyone;
2. You don’t have to ask permission to do anything;
3. Smelling good becomes an option, not a requirement;
4. You don’t have to remind someone to get you a gift for those special days, like anniversaries and birthdays;
5. You don’t have to watch sports if you don’t want to;
6. The toilet seat is always down;
7. You get control of the remote;
8. You can wear your comfy flannel pajamas to bed;
9. You don’t have to worry about what your underwear looks like; and
10. You don’t have to shave your legs.

I want to thank my LOL sisters for all their help with this blog. I wish everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Now, go eat some chocolate.

2 Comments on “Being Single in a Couple World

  1. Plus, you can get up and write whenever you want. And, taa daa, here’s the biggie you can praise God when and how you want. No more hearing, “Why are you on your knees and your arms are in the air?”

    God bless, Kathy. Excellent post.

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