It Happens in a Blink

This blog is for anyone who has gone through a tragedy like the people in the South last week.

You never know what tomorrow, or even the next minute might hold in your life. Just ask the people who survived the tornadoes. It’s just more proof you need to get your house in order, both financially and spiritually.

The tornadoes came through and ripped apart peoples’ lives without much warning. It’s easy for me to sit in Jacksonville and say what they lost were just possessions. But they weren’t my possessions. I have a feeling I’d be just as devastated over losing my home and belongings as they do. We won’t even get into the loss of life.

For anyone involved, take strength in God during this tough time. Psalm 46:1 reads God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. The Lord is always with you, though right now you might not feel Him. Just take peace in the fact He has never left you, and He will help you through any tough times.

I know it’s easy for me to say keep faith and hold on to God. I haven’t lost everything I owned. I pray you realize there are people out here praying for you, and in time, you will persevere.

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