Where did All the Morals Go?

In the past week, the news has been filled with the story of another politician who got caught with his pants down. Is there a magnetic pull that causes these politicians’ zippers to lower? It’s not just a democratic problem, republicans do it also. It’s not just politicians. A lot of married people have affairs.

Why is having an affair becoming the norm? If you ask some high ranking Christians, they’d tell you liberals are to blame. It’s easy to point a finger at others. Do you want to know who’s to blame? Look in the mirror. It’s Christians who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

God never intended for marriages to be easily discarded like day old bread. In Matthew 19:6, it reads So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate. Married couples are 51% likely to get a divorced whether they are Christian or non-Christian. Could it be the church leaders aren’t doing their jobs? There used to be some sort of shame when you broke your vows. Now all seems to be forgiven.

A man will have an affair, divorce his spouse and then bring his mistress, who is now his new wife, with him to the same church he used to bring his first wife. (Women do the same thing.) His fellow Christians just smile and say nothing. Maybe if Christians weren’t trying so hard to be politically correct, they’d take these people aside and let them know what they did was wrong. Forgiveness is one thing, acceptance is another.

There are reasons for divorce. Addiction and certainly abuse are two. However, being bored and wanting something new and different is not one of them.

We can blame unwed mothers, homosexuals, and Hollywood all we want. But if we don’t fix what’s wrong inside the church, we can never fix what’s wrong outside the church.

There’s a television show on called The Good Wife. It’s based on the premise of a woman whose husband, a politician, had several affairs. I can honestly say I’ve never seen the show but I’ve seen previews and it does seem interesting at times. One of the things teased about in the commercials is whether the lead character (the good wife) will sleep with a co-worker. Answer me this. If she does sleep with her co-worker while married, will she still be considered The Good Wife?


  1. Darlene says:

    Right on!! If Christians do not care enough for their fellow “Christians” to let them know certain behaviors are not acceptable, who will?? Jesus directed us to love the sinner,
    not the sin. Everyone should be accountable for their actions, including at church.
    Loving, caring discipline is the way we are to help others find their way – and we should
    expect the same from others if our actions are indicating a need for Biblical correction.

    1. So true. So true.

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