Who do you want your kids to be like?

In 1974 the great Harry Chapin released a song called “Cat’s in the Cradle”. It was about a boy who grew up to be just like his father. Too bad his father had been a workaholic who never had time for his son.

Even though the song was a work of fiction, it held truth. Your children do, a lot of times, follow in our footsteps. If a boy is raised by an abusive man, he in turn becomes abusive. If a girl is raised by a mother who drinks, it’s more likely the girl will turn to alcohol at an early age. It’s all about the examples that are set.

In verse 1John 2:6, it reads, Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.

Rodney Atkins’ song “Watching You” is another wonderful example of following in footsteps. The boy curses because he’d heard his father curse. The boy then prayed, telling his father he’d seen him do it that way.

If you want your children to grow to be like Jesus, you have to live like you believe in Him. A lot of people claim to believe in Christ, but they don’t walk the walk. Children easily pick up on the hypocrisy.

Every time you think of doing something you shouldn’t, just remember there are little eyes watching you. If you’re a good person and treat people well, so will your children. Let them see you pray, and let them see you help others. Then we won’t have to listen to people say they are worried about the next generation.

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