When You Want to Run Away

I have a friend whose mother is very sick. She’s been fighting cancer for a while now. Just when you think she’s doing better, something happens to weaken her. All the stress of caring for a sick wife is also wearing on the husband. He’s hurt his back lifting her from the floor when she’s so weak she can’t stand. He hates to ask for help because he should be strong enough to take care of his own wife. This puts a lot of stress on my friend who is seeing both her parents fall ill from this one disease.

Have you ever been so tired you just want to give up or run away from the problem?  I’m sure my friend has those days. How nice it would be to take a weekend cruise and not worry about anything for just three days. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have that option right now.

When life is tough, and it will be, make sure you turn to God. He can not only give you the rest, but the peace you are searching for. Matthew 11:28 reads, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  

There are times when it’s hard to go on. You just want to walk away from it all. And you wonder why God is putting your through this. Take just a moment to look up. Suck in a deep breath and remember that God is there with you. Give yourself a God hug and cry on his shoulder. He’ll listen.

No matter what you’re going through, look to God to relieve the pain and the stress. His love is everlasting and can get you through any tough situation. Just hold on to him, and don’t worry, he’ll never let you go.


  1. So true – over and over and over and over again in life!

  2. And over and over and over. God never said being a Christian was easy. He’d just give us a way through it.

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