Think about the last time you went shopping and bought a new outfit. One that fit in all the right places. You knew you looked good. A happy feeling came over you. That’s how it is when you’re a new Christian. You feel God everywhere you go, and you feel good.

That was in the beginning. But how do you feel now? Has some of that euphoria dissipated? It’s like the new outfit. The first time you wear it, you’re all smiles because you know how well it fits. But the more you put it on, the less you think about how great it makes you feel. That’s the way it is with your faith. You believe, but you don’t feel that elation like when you first became a Christian.

How do you get that giddy feeling back? One way is with reading the Bible. Psalm 1:2 reads, But they delight in the law of the LORD, meditating on it day and night.

Reading the Bible brings you closer to God, and it helps get that feeling of closeness back. Also get together with other Christians. You’ll see God’s glory and joy in them. Look around at all your blessings, starting with the roof over your head to the floor beneath your feet. Sometimes we get so used to only looking at what’s wrong with our lives, we don’t see what’s right. Also sing loud during praise and worship. Remember, it’s God your singing to. He likes your voice, even if you sound off key, like me.

Another way to get that feeling of joy back is to stop and listen for God. Refuse to move until you feel yourself in His presence. Your heart will jump, and a smile will cross over your face when you feel Him. When you get that giddy feeling, go ahead and laugh out loud no matter where you are. It’ll not only make people wonder what you’re up to, but it’ll let God know you’re thinking of Him.