Do you ever get the feeling someone is in need of prayer or being lifted up? You might not know what for, but their face or name pops into your head. That’s God’s way of putting them on your heart. They might have a need for you to intercede for them.

Sometimes God puts someone in your mind so you will pray for them. It helps keep us from always focusing on ourselves.

Matthew 21:22 reads, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” God has awesome power. Why not share it with others? Pray that someone you know may be healed or any struggles their going through alleviated. Imagine how you could change someone’s life with just one prayer.

I have someone who God put on my heart this week. She needs to feel God’s presence. If this person reads this, I want her to look up. Close her eyes. Picture God’s face looking down on her. The smile is not only on his lips but in his eyes as well. He’s smiling brightly because she is His child and He loves her very much. I’m hoping that put a smile on my friend’s face, and it helped make her day better.

Every day this week, say a quick prayer for someone you might not normally pray for. Wouldn’t it be great to hear that person say something special happened? Don’t let them know you prayed for them. Let that be a secret between you and God.