Saying Thanks Isn’t Enough

What do you say to someone who loses a child for your freedom? Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough.

Today is Memorial Day. The day we remember those who fought for our freedom. Some came home to their loved ones, some didn’t. This is the day we say thank you for all those service men and women who risked their lives for us.

John 15:13 reads, Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. There is also no one braver who is willing put their life on the line for another. There is no one more courageous than a parent who is willing to sacrifice their child for us to have those freedoms.

Yet, that’s what God did. He gave his only Son so that we could have a world full of grace and mercy.

On this day, remember those who have served this country. Thank those that gave the ultimate sacrifice so you could be free. Say a prayer for family members that are left behind to deal with the lose. Say a prayer for the safety of those that are deployed and away from their families.

And thank God for showing His love by also giving the ultimate sacrifice. His Son.

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