Getting Excited Over the Latest Thing

The new iPhone5 will be coming out shortly. Retailers are expecting long lines for people waiting for this latest gadget. It always amazes me that people will trade in something they bought a year or two ago just to get the newest thing. I still don’t have a smart phone. The one I’ve got suits my needs and still works fine. Why pay $200.00 for something if I don’t have to?

It’s really too bad people don’t get this excited over Jesus. Imagine instead of people waiting in line for an iPhone5, they waited in line for their church to open on Sunday. What type of a message would that say to nonbelievers?

People used to come from miles around to be baptized by John the Baptist. Yet the most important person he baptized was Jesus. Matthew 3:13 reads, Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptized by John. Can you imagine the excitement John must have felt when the Messiah showed up? We need to have that excitement inside us.

God wants us to be so excited about him that we are willing to sleep on a sidewalk to hear His word. In some foreign countries, people will walk for days to hear someone preach the gospel. In the United States, we’re spoiled. We show up in time to get our coffee just before the service starts.

Unfortunately most people would rather get the latest electronics than to hear about Jesus. Yet Jesus is the only way to live a fulfilled life. Having the latest cell phone might make you happy for a week or two but once the luster wears off, so does your satisfaction with it. Also, how many times have we heard the trouble they have with these new gadgets? Why would anyone want to buy one brand new? Why not wait until the kinks get worked out?

The good news is there are no kinks when it comes to Jesus. He was and still is perfect. He can fill you with peace that no App can. And a more updated version will not come out next year.

The last time I slept outside waiting for something was a rock concert. That was thirty years ago. I’m not sure there’s a lot today that gets me excited enough to spend time waiting. I’d like to think that if I had to, I’d walk for days to hear a sermon on Jesus. Lucky for me, I don’t have to.

What is it that you get real excited about? Is there anything that would make you sleep outside on the cold, hard cement?


  1. What is getting me really excited right now is how God is using me through writing and speaking. It’s humbling and exciting all at once to be used for His glory.

    1. Thanks for stoppying by, Paula. It’s amazing how God uses us and our passions to not only excite us, but others as well.

  2. Honestly, there isn’t much that would make me sleep on cement. I’m a spoiled North American. And I’m past 30. I value my comfortable bed a little too much. But agree with you 100%. My faith gives my life value and purpose. My faith helps me through the hardest times. I can’t imagine facing life without it. But I’m lucky–I have ready access to the Bible, sermons, churches. If I didn’t… would I be willing to sleep on a sidewalk for it? Very likely.

    1. Thanks for stoppying by Patty. I can’t imagine sleeping on the sidewalk for anything in the way of a material object now. You’re just over 30. I’m over 50. As you might imagine, the prospect is even less thrilling at my age.

  3. Patricia says:

    “Imagine instead of people waiting in line for an iPhone5, they waited in line for their church to open on Sunday.” I love this statement. It makes a person think.

    1. Thanks Patricia. I hope you have a good week.

  4. There isn’t much that gets me excited…my daughter (a teen) always asks me if I’m excited when we go on vacations, and honestly…not really. Same old, same old. Different view, a bit of fun, but nothing super special… The last time I got truly excited was when I went on the All Girls Christian Cruise – it was wonderful to spend all day long in the spirit. I’m going to the Women of Faith conference in November – just an overnight – and I’m getting excited for that time with Godly women and growing in the Lord. Nothing beats that!

    1. The Women of Faith Conference sounds like it will not only be a lot of fun, but a huge blessing. I know you’ll have a good time interacting with other Gody women. Thanks for stopping by, Donna.

  5. Akpene says:

    This article brought tears to my eyes. It is sooo.. true that our love for godly things must be re-examined. God bless you for Kathryn for this wonderful food for thought.

    1. Thank you, Akpene for the kind words. I pray you have a wonderful week.

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