Do You Consider Yourself Selfish?

When most people think about being selfish, they think of not sharing. But you’re also selfish if you don’t consider other people. According to http://www.dictionary.com, the definition of being selfish is be concerned with one’s own interests.

How many times have we ever heard the blaring of a loud radio in the middle of the night? Was the person playing the radio worried about anyone sleeping? You might say you only do that during the day. Has it ever dawned on you someone might be ill and in need of sleep during the afternoon?

Have you ever gone to work sick? You might justify it by saying you can’t afford to miss work. What about your co-workers? Can they afford to miss work? Did you even consider them when you showed up coughing and hacking all over the place?

God wants us to think about others. He wants us to not put ourselves first. Philippians 2:4 reads, look not to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

When you get in line at the check-out of the grocery store, how often do you let the person with one or two items behind you go ahead? Sure you got there first, and you’ve already had to wait behind others, but look at what they’re buying. If it’s alcohol, feel free to make them wait. However, if it’s children’s cereal or bread and milk, they may be buying food for a hungry child.

We have turned into a world of self-thinkers. We have a tendency to only see how things affect us, not how they might concern others. We don’t think of that mother who stayed up all night with a sick baby before we just “pop” over to say hi without calling first. We don’t consider the feelings of a four year-old when they have sticky fingers and want to give us a hug. Our thoughts are on our silk blouse instead.

This next week, consider others first. Don’t allow your dog to bark up a storm just because it’s ten in the morning and everyone should be at work. Maybe the neighbor behind you is out sick today. Allow that man who needs in the lane to enter ahead of you. Maybe he’s got his first job interview in four months, and he’s unfamiliar with the area.

What have you seen other people do that’s selfish? What have you done in the past that was selfish but you no longer do? Is there anything you need to change in the way of putting others first?

Remember no matter what it is, even if the person you are allowing “ahead” doesn’t have an emergency, you are doing it with a good heart. And God cares more what’s in your heart than your head.


  1. I totally agree and those who feel they have never been selfish make sure you’re not living in a glass house. However if they don’t Cathy you know we’re I would shoot them (LOL).

    1. Good one, Jim. I hope you have a good week.

  2. It might not be January 1st, but I’m making a resolution anyway to be less selfish and more selfless. While I often let folk with just a few things go ahead of me in the grocery store and have no problem with letting others go first on the roadways, there are, sadly, things I know I can work on. Being more eager to listen and less eager to talk being one of them. Thanks for the inspiration Kathy. Have a blessed day.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Skye.

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