Are You a … Rhino?

What animal has the thickest skin? If you said a rhinoceros or whale, you’re correct. I’ll even give you credit if you said a giraffe because it has up to seven inches of skin on certain parts of its body. When it comes to the human race, writers probably have the thickest skin.

Writers deal with rejection, negative reviews, naysayers, etc. What? Sounds a lot like a Christian? Yes, Bibleit’s a lot like being a Christian.

Christians need thick skin to be able to get over all the negativity society throws at them. It’s not just strangers either. Sometimes these toxic people live in our own families, even in our own homes.

Where do we go to get strength when you’re getting down from all this criticism? There are several things you can do to get your strength back:

  1. One place is the Bible. God’s word can get you through anything. Read it. Study it.
  2. Get your support from other Christians. Call up friends who believe in Jesus and tell them what you’re going through.
  3. Go to church. There’s nothing better than some good songs to get you back into the spirit. I love praise and worship music, and my church does it wonderfully. When you reach your hands up to Heaven, there’s a peaceful feeling that comes over you.
  4. Join a small group. Getting together with other Christians once a week or so keeps you from feeling alone. They also offer support and prayer when you are going through trying times.
  5. Turn on a Christian music channel. There’s nothing like walking around your house singing God’s word.
  6. Get on-line with other Christians. Doing this will help you realize you’re not alone in this vast world.

Don’t forget, it was Jesus the world hated first. Verse John 15:18 reads, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If people can dislike one such as Jesus, it can easily hate other Christians.

Christians are mistreated everywhere, not just in foreign countries. The media here in the United States can’t wait to attack a Christian. Just ask Tim Tebow. We just need to keep our walk with God or our negative nellies will be the first to point out that we really aren’t the Christians we proclaim to be.

Grow some thick skin. Let anything against you roll off your back.

What do you use when you feel persecuted? I know when someone comes after me or my beliefs, I just rhinoRhino them!


  1. I know you an there no doubt you may have thick skin, but even though, you have compassion for life an GOD is why you are so strong. That is why I feel by knowing you has help me to become a better Christian. Thank you for writing great books and being my friend.

    1. Thank you Jim for the kind words. You, yourself, bring great proof that being a Christian can be fun and rewarding.

  2. Kathy, what you say is so true. A short time ago, someone on LinkedIn called Christians “God-botherers”. I asked him how he could call us that if he doesn’t believe in God. Then I left the discussion. I am renewing and strengthenint my Faith walk. I’ll take all the help I can get. I am trying to reform my diet and exercise more, with God’s help. I’d appreciate some prayer assistance.

    1. You got it, Ruth. I know it’s hard sometimes to get motivated. Good luck!

  3. marybethmagee says:

    Well said, Kathryn. As tough as we need our skin to be, we as Christians can help to heal as well. We just don’t always use the opportunities to offer the balm we could with a kind or uplifting word. I read your posts and nod in agreement and don’t take the time I should to let you know how much you encourage and strengthen. God uses you in a mighty way. Thank you for allowing Him to do so. Please forgive me for not telling you so enough.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Mary Beth. I really appreciate it.

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