A Knee-Jerk Reaction

The past week, the media has been filled with news of Congress coming up with a way to curb violence in our schools due to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. The main reaction appears to be outlawing assault rifles. As with anything done in such a quick fashion, this is a knee-jerk reaction to fear. Unfortunately, it is also one that will not solve the problem. It’s a quick fix, basically a band-aid. Assault-rifle

As followers of Christ, we shouldn’t have fear, but we do. That’s what makes us human. Psalm 23:4 reads, Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Does having fear keep us from being good Christians? No. Usually when there’s a noise outside or we hear a news story of something tragic like a gunman in a school, we have a knee-jerk reaction to be afraid. The noise could be a squirrel and the school could be states away, but we still feel that jolt. And we ask ourselves if something bad is going to happen. What if it happens to me? To my loved one?, etc.

The best way to get over that fear is to turn to your Bible for strength. God is the only one that can give you the peace you need to overcome fear, whether real or imagined. And while reading your Bible, your discomfort will decrease.

knee-jerkWe’ve done our best to throw God out of this country then we’re shocked when the Devil moves in. We don’t see the real way to solve our problems. It’s with God. Christians need to reach non-believers so they learn the way to live and treat others.

Until that happens, society will continue to have knee-jerk reactions to our problems.

What are your opinions on how we can keep our schools safe? Do you feel outlawing assault rifles is the answer?


  1. So true, Kathy. Guns have been around since the start of the country and this kind of horror is relatively recent, so clearly there seems to be something else feeding the fires. Consider the way we celebrate violence in movies, TV and video games! Or our failure to address mental health issues effectively. For sick and evil individuals seeking notoriety, the media frenzy that follows this kind of event just reaffirms it as a way to get that attention. And sadly, it is far too true that nature abhors a vacuum – we asked God to leave, what did we expect would rush in to fill His place in our society as a whole? We can’t fix this problem by banning assault weapons and it’s a mistake to think so.

    1. So true. It’s amazing how Hollywood will point at finger at everyone but themselves.

  2. I’m a Canadian, so my perspective is a little different. We’ve never been able to carry weapons the way Americans can. So for me, assault weapons are terrifying. I see no other use for them than to kill people. But that said, I’m one of those people who blames violence in media and movies. Violence is a money-maker–the more gruesome the more lucrative. And we wonder when people with mental health issues start doing the same things they see on screen? How can watching torture and murder NOT change our children? I hate violent movies, and I know that makes me a party pooper, but I don’t see how we can enjoy watching another person suffer and call ourselves Christians.

    1. I agree, PJ. I don’t get the excitement of violent video games either. They have ratings, but most parents don’t follow them.

      Regarding assault rifles, I believe they are used to kill also. But I don’t think we should ban them at this point. If we were going to ban them, we should have when they were first introduced. I also feel banning them is a band-aid on a large scar and it won’t solve anything.

      I also don’t think of hunting as a sport. To make it a sport, you’d have to give the animals the same type of weapons. 🙂

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