Are You Faithful or Lazy?

Congress again raised the debt ceiling again. The president said that by raising the debt ceiling it tells people we can pay our debts. I disagree. I believe it says we are a country that’s not willing to suffer to make things right.

There is approximately $3 trillion in entitled spending per year. What exactly is entitled spending? It’s earmarks. Congress claims their earmarks have nothing to do with the deficit, but how does it not? When you vote a bill in that requires 10 million dollars and 10% goes to an earmark, then that adds to the deficit. Instead, take that 10% off the bill and you only require 9 million for that bill.

politicsSorry, I know this site isn’t about politics. It’s about living the way God would like us to. I just have a tendency to want to rant about how people justify things. Imagine if we, as citizens, could just raise our own debt ceiling.

But no matter which political party you affiliate yourself with, there is one truth. God does not want us to be in debt. He wants us to be good stewards of the money He gives us.

It’s like the men with the talents. To sum up: A man was going on a journey and gave bags of gold to his three servants. One he gave 5 bags, while his master was away, this man went out and earned 5 more bags. Another servant was given 2 bags, to which he gained 2 more bags. The final man received one bag. He buried the bag to ensure that nothing happened to it. This infuriated the master when he returned because the servant hadn’t done anything with the gold. You can read the whole parable at Matthew 25:14.

The master praised two of his servants for being faithful while throwing the third one out. This parable is not about earning money, otherwise the master might had said the two who gained were shrewd. Instead he said “faithful”, while calling the third servant “lazy”. The two servants who accumulated more money added something to their master’s household.

The better we use God’s money, the more we will have available to help others. That is why God doesn’t want us in debt. Could you imagine if the U.S. had no debt? Everyone in this country would have free healthcare.

I recall one television minister claiming that 9-11 occurred because of the growth of homosexuality in this country. I laughed. If that were true, wouldn’t the planes have hit San Francisco? Instead they 9-11 destroyed buildings with businesses that dealt with our money. If God was trying to get our attention, and I’m not saying he was, then why did he allow those planes to destroy our economy?

There is no way you can be doing right with God’s money when you are spending more than you make. We are stewards of God’s wealth. Obviously the government is not doing with it what they should. But how about you personally? I know times are tight, but do you budget or do you head to the store for that new outfit with the credit cards.

Remember, you will never be a healthy giver if you go into debt spending only on yourself.

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