Super Bowl for Jesus

Football Another Super Bowl has come and gone. The ads weren’t as good as in the past. I can’t think of one that I really found funny. Of course, the Clydesdales always come up with a good ad. You can’t go bad using horses with fuzzy hooves.

It always amazes me how much the commercials cost. Over three million for a thirty second advertisement. That doesn’t include the money people put out for snacks, tickets to the game, etc. It’s the largest sporting event in the country.

So why don’t we have something this large for Jesus? Imagine having the internet all abuzz with ads on God. Picture all those people in that arena with raised hands for our Savior. The thought gives me goose bumps.

When we first become Christians, we have that excitement in us. We can’t get enough of reading the Bible or going to church. But as we get along in our walk, that excitement begins to wane. How do we renew it?

One way is with music. It doesn’t matter whether the songs are old time gospel or Christian rock. Listen to whatever gets in your heart. It always amazes me how during our praise and worship music on Sunday, certain songs seem to bring God’s presence. What an awesome feeling.

Another way is to get outside and see the wonder God has made for us. Psalm 66:5 reads, Come and see what God has done, His awesome deeds for mankind! God created the clouds, the blue sky, the Flowers flowers, all for us to enjoy. Take your time looking around for what God has given you to enjoy.

Also read your Bible. I know I preach on this quite a bit, but it’s true. The more you get into the Bible, the less likely you are to lose your enthusiasm. I’m not saying you have to read it from cover to cover, but find different verses that catch your breath and meditate on them. Right now I’m going through the book of Psalms. It surprises me what new things I find each time I read it.

We need to keep our energy level up for God the same way we do for our football team. We should have excitement with everything we do when it comes to God. If we have no light to shine when speaking on Jesus, how do you expect others to want to come to him? After all, who wants to praise a God of ho-hum?

Our God is awesome. He is forgiving. He is full of grace. If that’s not enough to get you excited, nothing is.


  1. James R Collins says:

    I agree with you about getting excited. Just think to be a part of the most winning team ever all you have to do is accept the owner (GOD) and you will never lose.

    1. James, I like your analogy of us being on the “most winning team”. Thanks for the comment.

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