Are You one of God’s Good Employees?

Who are we to a God who made the Earth? To a God who knows how many stars are in the sky and their names? He made us to look after His world. He created His creatures for us to care for. He put us in charge of this vast world that He made specifically for us. Sounds like we’re pretty special in God’s eyes.

Psalm 8:5-7 reads, You have made them [man] a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor. You made them rulers over the works of your hands; you put everything under their feet: all flocks and herds, and the animals of the wild,…

GiraffeGod put us here to supervise His works. Talk about a huge responsibility. What type of manager have we been? How often do we forget that it is really His world and not ours? If God would give us an employee performance review, how would we stack up?

He gave us oxygen, clean of impurities to breathe. Yet we have polluted the air in the name of convenience and greed.

God gave us animals to be our friends and as food. We use them as sport, sometimes hunting them down then allowing them to die without taking them as food. We also pit them against one another in the name of fun in the way of dog fights and cockfighting.

He gave us the ability to build things, yet we decide we don’t have enough room so we want to build more, tearing down trees to do it, and leaving behind empty buildings in the process.

Is this how God wanted us to treat the world He created for us? I doubt it. I imagine He frowns every time He sees some of the things we have done with what was once a beautiful creation but has now turned into a blight in some areas.

How much longer do you think it will be until God has enough of us destroying what He created? Worse yet, what will He do to show His anger? I have a feeling Sodom and Gomorrah was just a small preview.

I recycle, have a dog that I take good care of – to the point of spoiling rotten, and try to limit my driving (more because of the price of gas than to save the ozone layer). But I’m sure there’s a lot more I can do.

How would you do on God’s employee performance review? Would you deserve a raise or would you deserve a demotion?


  1. Jane Marchand Faries says:

    My guess is we get to discuss this ‘performance review’ face to face. The main two questions being “What did you do with the resources I gave you?” and “What did you do with My Son?” We will all have a lot of explaining to do!

    1. It’s a scary thought, isn’t it Jane?

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