Holy Week

This is the beginning of Holy Week. The time leading up to when Jesus goes to the cross. It’s a difficult week for Christians when they realize what all Jesus has done for them. Yet there are others who don’t seem to realize that God has blessed them, no matter how much or little you might have.

Ask yourself, are your basic needs being met? Food, drink, somewhere to sleep at night? If so, God is providing for you. He’s seeing to it you’re not hungry or thirsty. Every little simple think that occurs in your life is done through God. If you have healthy children, praise him. A lot of people don’t.

How about your higher needs? We all have things that we want that we believe will make us happy. Big screen television, trip to Rome, jewelry, etc. But is this really that important in the scheme of things. Okay, it would be nice to have a new computer, but I have no problem using the one I have. It still works perfectly well. New electronics are a want not a need.

No matter how much you make or how much you spend, you can’t buy your way to happiness. If that were true, everyone in Hollywood would have a smile on their face. Instead, drugs, alcohol, and divorce run rampant.

Jesus can meet all our needs, whether basic or higher. We just need to do it in His time. And wants are not all that important. Jesus didn’t die on the cross so you could have a surround sound system or a new Lexus. He died so you could have a connection with God. Having these things is an extra blessing. There’s no shame in owning a new car unless you have other things you should be buying instead.

Keep focused on Jesus this last week of lent. Some things to keep in mind: Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday commemorates Jesus coming into Jerusalem. People laid palms down to welcome Him into town. Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday. This was the final meal Jesus had with His friends before His death. It was also the day He washed the feet of the disciples. Good Friday was not such a good day for Jesus. This is the day He died on the cross. Easter Sunday. The day Jesus rose from the dead so we could have everlasting life.

Here’s a video that might show you just how much Jesus loved you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb_Fj5GyMig.

Jesus took the punishment for our sins to show his love. God shows his love by taking care of our needs. We should show our love by remembering all that Christ did for us on the cross, and praise His name all week long.

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