Getting Others to Believe

Do you consider yourself a good Christian? Would you like your children, spouse, sister, brother, or other people close to you to believe in Jesus? The best way to convince others to believe in your God is to act like you believe also.

Kids are good at spotting the hypocrites in a crowd. They can tell whether you actually believe what you say. How? By the way you act. How many of us have ever heard someone tell their children to never smoke a cigarette while puffing away on one themselves? Most of those children will end up smoking, or at least giving it a try, later in life.

Luke 6:45 reads, A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

Eventually what is in your heart will come forth in your actions. And kids are good imitators of our actions and our words. I recall a time when my daughter, then five years old, was helping us carry in the groceries from the car. She dropped a bag of dog food and said three curse words in a row. I recognized my voice immediately. These were the same three words I used to use when I became frustrated.

Fathers, if you want your daughters to marry a man who treats his wife with respect, then show her what that looks like. Girls have a tendency to want a man like dear old dad. Would you want your child to marry someone like you?

Lima beansMothers, do you want your sons to show respect to other women? Then make them show you respect. Don’t allow them to get away with treating you bad. Also, don’t let other men treat you with disrespect. Did you know that boys who grow up seeing their mothers abused often times grow up to be abusers themselves? And their daughters usually grow up to be in abusive relationships.

Wives, do you think nagging your husband will get him into church? No, but prayer and acting like a Christian wife might. Show him the change in you is for the good, then maybe he’ll want that change also.

Our job is to lead others to become Christians. And the best way is to show people we are around what a Christian adult looks and acts like.

After all, your action speaks louder than words.

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