Do You Believe in Miracles?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. And, if you missed it, you’re in big trouble.

With my daughter becoming a mother, I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s blessings and miracles. It’s not just about my daughter either. babyThere are two other women I know who’ve had miracles regarding children also.

One friend had trouble conceiving. It killed her whenever she heard about friends having babies and she couldn’t. It took years, but she baptized her son on Sunday.

Then there was the other woman who wanted a child but, also couldn’t conceive. She didn’t care if it was hers, as long as she had a baby in her arms. Her name was listed on an adoption registry, but she had no luck. She and her husband went into mission work, and left the United States for Indonesia. Sortly afterward, she was brought back to the United States to meet her son, who also was baptized yesterday.

Psalm 77:14 reads, You are the God who performs miracles; you display your power among the peoples. God is a God of miracles. All you have to Miraclesdo is look at the ocean to know He can do anything. If He can make a blind man see, He can find a way for a woman to be a mother.

The biggest problem we have with God’s miracles is they seem to take forever to occur. We want the miracle, and we want it now. But God knows when you’re ready. He knows when you’ve listened to Him and will be a faithful follower. He knows when you’re married to the wrong man and shouldn’t have a child with him.

The women I mentioned above, and my daughter, now know the patience of God’s blessing. They know the power of prayer. And they know that God’s wisdom was involved in every step. After all, if he’d let the child come sooner, things might now have worked as well as they have in any of their lives. And these children were worth the wait.

We need to look out for God’s miracles every day. They’re all around us. Not just in the faces of children, but in the buzzing of bees and humming of birds. He created these for us to enjoy. We sometimes get too busy to notice.

Take a step back and enjoy God’s creations. Ask yourself if man could ever create something as wondrous as a wave reaching the shore, or as a baby sleeping in its mother’s arms?

What type of miracles have you noticed lately? I’m sure there are simple miracles we don’t even consider. We just take them for granted. So wake us up with a few.


  1. The whole big miracle of birth is a start. That a tiny sperm and almost as tiny an egg can come together, then split and multiply to become a child is pretty miraculous when you think about it. As for the timing thing: my mom had Alzheimers. She eventually had to go into an assisted living home, but she flourished there, blossoming with the attention and activity she’d withdrawn so much from at home. Then, one morning her heart just stopped. At a time when she was still enjoying her life and finding pleasure in little things. I’ve seen just how awful that disease can become so I always thought that the timing of her being called home to God was a blessing – in HIS time.

    1. It is definitely all about HIS timing. When we get in the mix, we mess things up. Thanks for the comment, Skye.

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