Losing Touch with Humanity

I’m currently reading the book “Daring Greatly” by Brené Brown. She recalled how one day she went from a restaurant to a store then a drive-thru. She became particularly disturbed by the number of people speaking on their cell phones instead of interacting with the clerks. She said it dehumanizes others.

I always hate when people sit on the phone when with others. And they seem to be doing it at places they really shouldn’t. Why do you go to lunch with someone just to click away on your cell use electronic device? And even if you don’t feel it dehumanizes a store clerk, it’s just plain rude. Then there’s the mothers who pick their children up after school with that cell phone stuck to their ear. You are wasting precious moments with your little ones to listen to a friend chat about something that is not truly important. Has it not dawned on you that your child is getting into trouble at school because they want your attention at home?

Since when did a phone become a main source of communication? Before they came along, we used to speak face to face. And texting is even worse. We’re raising a generation of children who don’t know how to communicate with others.

Now don’t get me wrong, I use electronics just as much as the next person. And if I can e-mail a client instead of talking to them on the phone, I will. I’ve discovered how much quicker it really is. However God doesn’t want us to not have that human touch.

Hebrews 10:24-25 reads, And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25 not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching. God wants us to get together, to greet others in encouragement and love. He doesn’t want us speaking on a telephone, directing our attention elsewhere.

I think cell phones are one of the worst things invented. Their only good use is to keep us connected in an emergency or updated cell phones on a situation. Unfortunately, they have given us no peace away from work or others. And they keep us from communicating face to face.

There are just times when your voice and smile are needed. So put away your device and actually look that sales clerk in the eye. It’s one of the best ways to let her know you see her as a person.

What do you think is the best thing about cell phones? What is the worst?


  1. James R Collins says:

    They should only be used as a paper weight. Then if your friends need to talk to you pour a cup of coffee (or drink) then sit down at that table an talk!

    1. Love it, Jim. Love it!

  2. Well, put Kathy. It disturbs me that even in our small chapter meetings, when our “guest” speakers are talking, there are some who insist on having their phones out and in use. The reasons I’ve heard don’t cut it for me. If you need to be available for emergencies, stick it in a pocket close to your body where you’re sure to feel it vibrate. If you want to post photos of the meeting, do it on a break, or afterward. But I have to admit watching two people over what should be an intimate dinner busily texting does leave me wondering why they bothered to go out at all.

    1. And exactly how intimate are they emotionally? Thanks for the comment, Skye.

  3. We went to Outback for dinner one night. A couple came in and were seated a couple of tables away from us. They no sooner sat down than both immediately pulled out their cell phones. Neither of them spoke a word to the other throughout the entire meal. I had to wonder why they bothered. It certainly wasn’t for alone time or for any other reason that entailed verbal communication with EACH OTHER.

    1. That is sad. I imagine they do the same when they have their children with them. Thanks for the comment, Elizabeth.

  4. Darlene says:

    Cell phones are made for emergency calls, travel, and GPS tracking in case of an accident. Having a cell phone stuck in (or clipped to) your ear does not make one look cool or important. It makes them be seen for who they really are – insecure and lonely. Another way to deflect and not deal with problems, another excuse to not connect with God; who is ready to help you deal with yourself. And God does not need a cell phone; HE is a straight no interference, no dropped calls, always on-line connection through prayer.

    1. And with God, you don’t get call waiting. Good comment, Darlene.

  5. Hi, Kathy, You hit the nail one the head. I think I need to do another column only instead of saying “your stereo can kill you,” I’ll say your cell phone can kill you.” Literally. A girl in Lewisburg was walking down the sidewalk with two of her friends. She was texting and not paying attention to where she was going. She walked right out into the street totally unaware of where she was. My sister stopped her car. If the girl’s friend hadn’t yelled at her, she would have walked into the side of my sister’s car. I have a cell phone but it is off most of the time. It is for my convenience only (and my son’s). If someone wants to call me, the can call on the land line.

    1. It’s amazing how distracted these kids can get sometimes. And if she’s on her phone, she certainly is not spending time with her friends. Thanks for stopping by Ruth.

  6. LOL as I am reading my morning lessons on my cell phone in bed! But I do agree with you. And again all in moderation. Thank you

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