Why is Drug Addiction Better than God?

I was reading a news article about a new drug called Krokodill that people were now using. This drug is a mixture of codeine and such things as gasoline, paint thinner, oil or alcohol. Why anyone would even try such a combo in the first place blows me away. But the fact that this drug is known for eating your flesh, and people are still taking it, makes me scratch my head even more. How desperate are people that they would rather watch their skin rot away than stop taking drugs altogether?

The saddest part. There are non-believers who would prefer others use drugs than have them go to church. They believe being drugsaddicted to drugs is more acceptable than being hooked on God. Don’t they see what has happened since we’ve taken God out of this country? We are slowly dying as a nation.

Our schools are failing. There are those who have no qualms about walking into a mall and shooting people. And so many people would rather be on drugs than face the reality that we call life.

We have a habit of letting our flesh take the lead when it comes to trying to finding happiness. Where has that got us? A group of people taking drugs. Not just any drugs, but those that rot teeth, make you lose your hair, your health, and now, it can rot your skin. John 6:63 reads, The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. Your flesh is weak and when it wants something, you need to use wise decisions. Drugs are anything but wise.

In the first paragraph, I asked why anyone would try this type of combination in the first place. That’s a fairly easy answer. Someone controlled by Satan. Don’t you think he’s having a field day with all these drug addicts? And if they don’t have him rolling on the floor with laughter, the atheists sure do.

If this country doesn’t bring God back, we will surely end up destroyed. And I’m not talking about by the Muslims like so many people fear. Drugs are more rampant than any other problem in this country. It accounts for most of the prisons being full and the children being neglected. We should show children at a young age what they could look like if they get hooked on drugs. Maybe then they’ll think twice when offered the choice.

Here is a news article on the horrors of Meth on the human body. Meth http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2244031/The-horror-Meth-Before-pictures-reveal-shocking-transformation-faces-users-hooked-deadly-drug.html

Pass it around to all your friends for them to show their children. Kids seem to think looking like a star or starlet like in Hollywood is the way to go. Well drugs are the anti-Hollywood.

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