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Here is a portion of the first chapter of my book Beautiful Imperfection. A portion of the proceeds through 2013 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

If you’d like more information about them, go to http://www.bcrfcure.org/.

From Chapter 1:

“How can you be sure he’s decent when all you’ve noticed are his muscles?” Teddy sighed. From the way Steve spoke, he didn’t fit the good Christian man she’d dreamt of. “Saying I had to be a ten. Come on. He sounds part Neanderthal.” She looked pale, not sure whether it was from the overhead lights or her illness. During the chemotherapy, she lost eight pounds. Now due to her medication, she’d gained it back and more.

Claire took her hand. “I know you’re having a rough time, but I thought it’d make you feel better. ’Cuz nothing beats the blues more than someone cute giving you attention.” Claire released Teddy’s hand and turned back to the mirror.

“I’ll endure. I just wish Steve wouldn’t smile so much. The glare’s about to blind me.” Teddy laughed.

“It is a bit much, isn’t it?” Claire nudged Teddy with her hip as they walked out of the bathroom. “Can you say whitening treatments?”

Teddy jumped at three loud popping sounds. A woman screamed. Then instant silence.

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  1. veronique brito says:

    ok I think you have convinced me to get your book for my bday next month! what a wonderful thing to do with part of the profits. paying forward you are wonderful

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