Being Thankful for What We Have

Thanksgiving is here and that means lots and lots of turkey. It turkey also means looking at the things we are thankful for. As Christians, we have a tendency to say God’s blessed us. But then we see what others have and wish we had it also. Why is it we keep looking at things for our blessings?

Compared to other countries, most people in the United States have their needs covered. If you don’t have a home, there are shelters, the government gives food stamps to feed those who can’t afford it and there are food banks to help. Clothing is another need that this country seems to have an overabundance of. Yet we want more. Don’t believe me? Just look at the lines for the latest electronic gadgets out there.

Ephesians 5:20 states you should always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We give thanks with one breath then wish for something more with the next. It was the same with Moses. No matter what God gave to them, they never seemed happy. They complained several times about how much better it would be to have remained in slavery.

We are a nation of “never have enough”. If our neighbor has a TV fifty-five inch television, we need a sixty inch. We buy bigger houses we can’t afford just to impress our friends. Our cars have to have to be the most expensive with the latest gadgets. What happened to the days when a car was used to go from point A to point B?

We need to take a step back and see what it is that God has given us. Chances are he’s given you everything you need. These other things are wants. And it’s the “wants” that get us into trouble. We want bigger and better so we go into debt. We also don’t give away what we already have, so we hoard. And when it comes to food, big value meals are booming.

This Thanksgiving, look closely at what God has given you. Has he blessed you with all your needs? If so, give a well deserved Giving thanks thanks. Then thank Him for all the “wants” he’s given you also. After all, if it weren’t for Him, you wouldn’t have them.

And try this Christmas season to keep your need for more stuff to a minimum. While it’s nice to get a good deal on another television set, do you really truly need it. If not, how about buying dinner for the family down the road that’s struggling. A larger television might be nice to watch the game on, but its nothing like the joy you’ll receive from helping others.

And don’t we call Christmas the Season of Giving for a reason?

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