Stop Listening to the Whispers

What do your thoughts, your friends, and the media all have in common? These are all tools the devil uses to keep us from following God’s word. John 10:10 of the Bible reads, The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have Whispercome that they may have life, and have it to the full. Listening to those harsh whispers in your ear only keeps you from living a full life in Jesus.

What thoughts am I referring to? Those that tell you you’ll never be good enough. Those that tell you again and again that you’re always messing up. And those thoughts that tell you you’ll never find anyone decent to love with all you’ve done in your past.

God doesn’t care what you’ve done in your past. He loves you where you are today. He loved you when you made errors in the past, and he’ll love you when you make mistakes in the future. His love is unconditional. And if you listen real hard to God’s voice, you will hear, “You are good enough to be my child.”

Friends are another way the devil gets into our heads. He’ll put a friend near who tells you it’s okay to sleep with that guy though you’re not married. Even if you’re not in a committed relationship. “What’s the big deal? Everybody’s doing it.”

Or the friend who invites you to a party, then tells you it’s okay to take just one puff. “One won’t hurt you.” How many drugspeople do you think listen to that one? Just look at all the drug addicts out there. One sometimes leads to two, then to a whole lot more.

Your body is God’s temple. The Holy Spirit resides in you. God doesn’t want you to abuse it. Do you think STD’s would be so rampant if people stuck to committed relationships or marriage when having sexual relations? Would there be such a high crime rate if people didn’t get hooked on drugs? Of course not. Traffickers kill to grow their territory and users steal and kill to get money for their drugs.

The media is one of the best ways the devil attacks. Most media outlets are anti-Christ, so Satan uses it every chance he can to get his hooks in you. There’s the too thin/botoxed actress telling you that without her product, you’ll never be pretty enough. You’ve got movies and television shows that tell you being a virgin at twenty-five is just weird. And if you want it now, don’t delay, just take buy it on time over the next five years.

We need to turn off our television shows when they start to give us sinful messages. There is too much anti-Christian behavior on it. But as long as Christians are watching, it will continue. God wants us to put good thoughts in our minds. He wants us to not play violent video games. He’d rather we volunteer to feed the homeless. Instead of watching turn offanother episode of the “Desperate Housewifes of whatever city”, read your Bible or watch a good Christian or clean movie, even if you have to go back to the 1940’s to do it. They knew how to act back then anyway.

We need to stop allowing Satan into our minds as easily as we do. He likes nothing more than to get you into a sinful situation just so he can constantly remind you of it later. Instead focus on God’s grace and forgiveness. God will give you the wisdom to kick the devil to the curb.

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