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Jesus Has Risen. Now What?

Holy week has passed by. After the celebrations of Easter, it’s several months until Christmas. How does a Christian keep the Jesus cupspirit alive during that time?

One way is to be an example of your faith.

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 11:1, Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. We must have our minds set on the treasures of Heaven. The more we focus on our rewards of our Father, the better example we can be for others. Too many times we focus on what the world sees as important, not God.

There are several ways you can show others your calling in the Lord without having to preach.

1.  The first way to show your faith is through your actions. Do you tell your children to not tell lies yet when your mother-in-law invites you to dinner, you claim to have plans when you don’t? Do you gossip about others? Do you stick your nose up at someone less fortunate like that homeless man sitting across the street? If you do any of the following, you’re actions are not that of the Lord.

2.  How do you speak to others? Do you berate and yell, or are your words those of teaching and kindness? Don’t expect your co-workers to follow your God if you constantly bicker or complain.

3.  What does your lifestyle say about your faith? Do you truly believe the word of God or do you consider it ancient when it comes to how you want to live your life? Some people forget that fornication is a sin. The world has gotten so use to sex outside of Pewmarriage that waiting until the wedding night seems absurd. Yet that’s what God wants you to do.

4.  What do your clothes say about your belief in God? Do you walk around in tight shirts showing cleavage? Or do you dress somewhat modest? It’s hard to find clothing these days that cover, yet if Christians didn’t buy the slinky styles they wouldn’t be in the stores.

5.  Do you spend time with God? It’s easy to sit in church and shout “Amen”, but when you get home, do you read your Bible in front of your family? Do you show them you are trying to change from a good Christian to a better Christian? Give your children enough courage to read their Bibles without concern for being ostracized. Too many kids follow the crowd and if the crowd is not doing what is right, your children might follow the wrong path.

Others will consider your actions before they consider your words.

Too many people can’t wait to see you fall as a Christian, including family members. After all, they know you better than Tearoutsiders. Don’t give them a reason to point a finger.

Keeping Jesus in our hearts is the best way to keep the celebration of the Lord alive every day whether there’s a holiday to remind us or not. Our minds should always be focused on celebrating what the Lord has done for us.

How do you show others that Jesus is in your life? Please share. I’d love to hear from you.


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