The Rain Will Fall

We all have storms in our lives. It’s a given. No one’s life will be perfect. There might not be enough money at the end of the rainmonth to pay all the bills or someone might get seriously ill. This happens for both Christians and non-Christians alike.

In John 16:33, Jesus states, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” God never promised us butterflies and rainbows. However, He did say He would never leave us or forsake us.

But when it comes to trials in our lives, some people don’t think what they are going through is such a big deal. However, storms come in all sizes. You might have a full fledged hurricane or a light shower. These are all storms.

And God expects us to hold strong no matter what might come our way.

The small showers are the ones that can get to us more than anythingbecause they’re unexpected. Life can be going along rather well, then SMACK you get hit right between the eyes. Or you get a bunch of little things that start to wear on you.

I came home from my granddaughter’s first birthday party the other day to find out my electricity was off in half my house. 1st b-day, loved the cakeNo lights in my dining room, kitchen, back bathroom or bedroom. Just the switches clicking off and on in the dark. Right now, financially, this isn’t in my budget to deal with. Thankfully the refrigerator is on a different outlet. But it was still enough to make me use a few choice words.

We all have been there. It’s no different than staring at that long line of cars in a traffic jam or a grocery store line. Or discovering the bread is moldy at lunch time or your husband drank the last of the milk and put the carton back in the fridge.

However, by showing grace in an anxious situation, you could bring others to your Lord. After all, who wouldn’t want what you have. By showing you can handle any situation without a string of curse words, others will want you rely on.

This is what God wants of us. He wants us to rely on Him during any tragedy whether large or small. The more we shine the light of Him on our situations, the more we show our true faith in our loving Father.

I know it’s Monday, but I expect you all to get moving with a smile on your face. And we all know, eventually Friday will arrive.

What type of storm or shower have you been through lately? Did you handle it with grace or grumbling?

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