Feeling Like a Nobody

wallflowerDo you ever feel insignificant? Like at times you’re invisible? Maybe you’ve gone to a party with your spouse or friends only to sit in the corner because you didn’t know anyone. It’s times like that when we get an emptiness inside. We often wonder if we really matter to anyone.

But we do matter to God.

He knows who you are. I’m sure most of you have heard Matthew 10:30 which states, And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Have you ever given this Bible verse much thought? This is such an important scripture to show how important you are to your father.

You are so significant that He counted every hair on your head. That is proof He wants to know everything about you. Every detail about you is important to Him. It shows that He is intimately involved with every aspect of your life. Of your being.

If God is so involved with the hairs on our head, wouldn’t that prove that He is also involved with everything about us? The fact that He knows what we’ll say before we even say it proves His love even more. An unloving god wouldn’t care.

How many of you love your children? You might know what they had for breakfast, and what they wore when they left the house that morning. You might even know their agenda for the day. But do you know how many hairs are on their heads? Of course not. God lovesMost of us would never think to count them. And not many children are willing to sit still long enough to allow us to do so.

However, God knows how many hairs each and every one of us has. He wants to have such an intimate relationship that he knows every detail about us no matter how small.

He wants to not only spend time with you, but for you to want to spend time with Him. He wants to have a personal relationship with you. Not a group relationship where other Christians are involved. But a personal relationship. One on one. Isn’t that awesome?


We should be astonished at the goodness of God, stunned that He should bother to call us by name, our mouths wide open at His love, bewildered that at this very moment we are standing on holy ground. – Brennan Manning, author and priest


Next time you’re sitting alone, feeling like you don’t matter in this vast world, remember how much God loves you. He has plenty to do without taking the time to count the hairs on your head. But that says God thinks you are worthy of his time.

It’s important you know how special you are to God. He is there for you no matter what you’re going through. And no matter how far you fall or how little you value yourself, remember, God loves you. And He shows it daily in the beauty He puts before you and the food He gives you to eat.

And if God thinks you’re that important, you should think of yourself as special also. Because God wouldn’t take His time out for someone He didn’t love.

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