Advance Announcement

You are receiving this “Advance Announcement,” one day before anyone else, as my way of saying THANKS for subscribing to my e-mail list and/or my blog. And what is this big announcement?

 On sale for $0.99 – ONE LAST BREATH

 A savings of $4.00 through Valentine’s Day.

This sale is available through Amazon at amzn.to/1M26OoP or Smashwords at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/497458

Thank you for all your support these past couple of years. Please feel free to pass this notice on to your family and friends.

One Last Breath_KathrynJBain_CYMK


When a child trafficker goes after one of BJ Owens’ relatives, she must accept the help of a former love to keep the girl safe. Ronald “Ransom” McNeely is after the man responsible for his granddaughter’s murder. But when the devil hides in plain sight, BJ Owens, the woman he loves, could be a distraction that costs someone their life.


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