How Generous is God?

A friend once said that we look at tithing in the wrong way. Instead of us giving ten percent to God, He’s actually giving us ninety percent of what He owns. After all everything in this world does belong to Him. What an amazing way to look at it.money

Imagine if God only gave you ten percent to live off of. How would your lifestyle be different?

Would you own the same house you live in? Have that flat color television, cable, a cell phone? It’s hard to imagine life without all the amenities we have, yet we keep asking for more, and giving less to God.

According to an article titled 21 Fascinating Tithing Statistics, put out by healthresearchfund.org in 2014:

  1. Only 3-5% of regular attendees of church tithe regularly. That means that over 95% of people who attend church every week does not tithe ten percent.
  2. For a Christian family that makes less than $20,000.00 per year, 8 percent tithe regularly, whereas those Christian households who make $75,000.00 or more, only 1% tithe regularly.
  3. 37% of those who claim to regularly attend church give no tithe at all.

Which category do you fall under? A lot of people complain about the government having to support the poor in this country. I believe the churches should be doing this. Yet, a church cannot help the poor, if its members refuse to give or give reluctantly.

tithing2 Corinthians 9:7 states, Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. After a sermon at my church a while ago, it was decided we would be glad givers. Now each time the announcement is given for the tithe, the members holler and yell. It’s wonderful to hear people excited to give.


The basic question is not how much of our money we should give to God, but how much of God’s money we should keep for ourselves.” – Jim George, author of “A Husband After God’s Own Heart”


Why should we not be happy givers? God has been very generous to us all. So instead of grumbling, be grateful He only asks for ten percent. He could very easily have asked for forty or fifty.

So give with a thankful heart, and give abundantly. You’d hate to wake up one morning and find out you no longer have it to give.

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