A Prayer for Our Police

As you probably know, these past couple of months, there has been several people shot and killed by police officers. Most African-Americans. Because of this, some people have painted a bull’s-eye on the backs of every officer in this country. What can you do to help?star2


2 Thessalonians 3:3 states, But the Lord is faithful; he will strengthen you and guard you from the evil one. Most people feel this scripture means it will keep you from falling for satan’s ways, but I think it can also mean God will protect you from the devil’s minions. And I think praying for others is a good way to keep them safe.

Through prayer, you can change a man’s heart. Imagine if you could keep someone from doing evil just by praying. It’s possible. That’s the power of prayer.


It is possible to move men, through God, by prayer alone. – Hudson Taylor


The following is a list of eight things to pray for when it comes to not only our police, but our military as well. We must diffuse the hatred that has developed in this country.

  1. Pray for SAFETY. Pray they make it home to their families once their job is complete.
  2. Pray for PATIENCE and no rush to judgment when it comes to dealing with every situation they might find themselves involved.
  3. Pray for DISCERNMENT. Pray they size up the situation quickly enough to know whether extreme force is needed.
  4. Pray for CALM on the part of anyone they come into contact with, so the situation will not escalate to one of violence by either party.
  5. Pray for COMPLIANCE with whatever is asked by the officer or military personnel.
  6. Pray for PEACEFUL RESOLUTIONS from both parties whether that means an arrest, a ticket, or just a discussion.
  7. Pray for HONEST media reporting on situations instead of incorrect video footage that tends to inflame hatred.
  8. Pray for LEADERS of these communities to ask for calm instead of hatred.

It’s up to true Christians to bring peace to their communities. And the best thing is through prayer.

Please feel free to share this with others because if every Christian prays for our police in ways of safety, discernment, and compliance, we WILL bring clam to his nation once again.

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