Used to Have a Name for That

It used to be when kids misbehaved in school, the parents punished the child. Now it seems to be everyone else’s fault. We put a lot of brands on kids who act up, including disadvantaged, special needs, boy-at-blackboardand problem children. Growing up, we used to have a different label for these children.


I loved it when my youngest went to Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. During orientation, a teacher stood up and said they had a waiting list of kids who want to come to the school, so if those who are there don’t do what they should, they will be told to leave and someone will come in to take their place.

Proverbs 22:6 states, Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. Children must learn right from wrong and that there are consequences for their actions. Instead, we fire the people who try to make them behave, and then allow these kids to sue the district. The only thing learned is that bad behavior pays.


Discipline isn’t about showing a dog who’s boss; it’s about taking responsibility for a living creature you have brought into your world. – Cesar Millan, author


bad studentParents need to stop sending their undisciplined children to school and expecting teachers and other
students to put up with them. It’s not fair to anyone involved.

Since parents no longer want anyone else to discipline their child, I suggest the following rules for schools to adopt:

  1. After one infraction by a student, a note goes home to the parent(s);
  2. After a second infraction, the parent(s) is called in to the school;
  3. Third infraction, the parent(s) is made to sit in the school all day with their child;
  4. Fourth infraction, the child is made to clean the floors of the hallway with the parent(s) supervising;
  5. Fifth infraction the child is made to clean the toilets in all bathrooms in the school with the parent(s) supervising.

This should be requirement for both parents if both are involved in the child’s life.

If the parents refuse to come to the school, then the child should automatically be expelled, placed on a curfew where they are not allowed out of the home for one week. The parent would then have no choice but to put up with the monster they created.

We need to get tough on students who misbehave. It’s not fair to those who want to learn. And teachers shouldn’t be forced to put up with any child who has never been taught respect.

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  1. I love your suggested rules. I’ve said for years that since we have required schooling for kids and the public schools have to put up with this, what we really need are last resort schools, run like boot camp, live away schools. Kids that cannot behave in school after repeated chances to reform are sent to the alternative live-away school where they WILL be taught discipline along with the other subjects.

    1. That’s a good idea. But instead of live-away schools, how about the alternative schools where parents have to be involved. The largest problem is parents don’t know how to be parents. They should be required to attend a school about parent the same time their children attend the alternative schools.

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