A Nation Obsessed

I got a lesson on America’s obsession with “Making a Murderer” this past week. I just wanted to make people think. It used to be we did that in this country. I posted an article about why the governor won’t release Steven Avery, the convicted murderer in “Making a Murder.” I had to eventually remove the postanger2 because of the anger from people responding. (BTW, if you have to name-call or threaten over a television show, maybe it’s time to turn off your electronics for a while.)

It’s funny where our focus is. We know what every housewife on TV is up to. We’re tuned in to the point we sign a petition to get a man convicted of murder out of jail, yet the majority of us don’t know what’s going on with the people who live right next door.

We’ve even become obsessed with being Christian. We attend church as often as possible just to prove we’re believers. Yet, we never stop to help those outside the doors.

IMG_0139We need to turn our obsession into an addiction for helping others.

Colossians 3:2 states we should Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. We can become compulsive about checking our phones, social media sights, and e-mails every time they ding. We allow such things to take our time away from Jesus and other people.

And when we focus too much on these things, they become idols over God.


Most neuroses and some psychoses can be traced to the unnecessary and unhealthy habit of daily wallowing in the troubles and sins of five billion strangers. – Robert A. Heinlein, Science Fiction Author


We’re so interested in those on television and social media that when someone disagrees with us, ugliness shines through. We don’t want to hear that we might be wrong. Our obsession with a television program or Hollywood star has taken over our lives and our time. We are so interested in other people’s lives (not just real people either, those of fiction) that we will binge watch just to get caught up so we can have a conversation with other TV addicts. We leave no room to be connected to those in the same house, the same workplace, the same neighborhood. We need to change our focus to know more about what’s happening in our own backyard.

The best thing we can do is turn off the electronics and get outside. Get to know others. Help those that are hurting. Pray for those who are sick. We need to care for those next door in the same way we care for those in on your TV or computer screen.

If you or someone you know are in need of prayer this week, please leave a comment. We’d be more than happy to pray for you. And if this post moved you in some way, please feel free to share it.

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  1. Cosette – 14 months old – is undergoing surgery tomorrow to remove the colostomy and reconnect her intestines. She was seriously premature and had a really rough start in life, but is thriving and growing. She’s a fighter. She will be back in the hospital for about a month.

  2. Praying for her full recovery. Thanks, Skye.

  3. This year I have cleaned out the TV shows I record and if they have immoral content, they’re gone! Although the intrigue may have been interesting, my Spirit was offended when i watched a couple of shows. Recording instead of gluing myself to the TV allows me to choose something I want to watch when I decide to take time to watch.

    1. Sounds good, Anna. Thanks for the comment.

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