Can You?

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This week, I am welcoming special guest Minister Deborah Lynn Bacon who has written the following poem. She wrote it as wedding vows, but I thought it seemed just as appropriate for Valentine’s Day. I hope you enjoy.

Can You?
(Wedding Vows) 

Written By: Minister Deborah Lynn Bacon

Can you be gentle
If I take my heart,
And place it in the palm of your hand?
Can you be giving
If I take my body
And lay it on the land?
Can you be trusted
If I take my faith
And stand by all you do?
Can you be real
If I take my eyes
To see if you are you?
Can you be there
When I cry my tears,
But you don’ understand?

Can you believe in me;
Even when I fail,
Will you still reach out your hand?
Can you need me
More than all the world
Could need the sky or sea?
Can you love me,
Bring me joy in bloom,
Just because I’m me—
Yes, my darling
I believe you can
For you’ve shown me thru and thru,
The only one
Who can fulfill my dreams,
My darling, I’ve found in you~

WeddingIn Honor Of: When 2 people choose to embark on a shared journey of love thru the holy bonds of
matrimony. May your marriage always be guided by the loving hand of God, may your home prosper as richly as the Angels above, and may your hearts always abound with heavenly love; God bless you on your wedding day…

Deborah was born at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL and spent her first thirteen years as a “military brat” until her parents divorced in 1968. Since that time, she has lived through a violent alcoholic step-father, being sexually abused by her own father, and even a suicide attempt. Deborah fought through addiction, homelessness, prostitution and more until she cried out for God to make her whole. He not only healed her life, but opened her hardened heart as well.

In December, 2002, she received a Certificate of Ordination as a minister. In January, 2003, she officially founded Street-To-Straight Ministries, and in March, 2008, she was accredited as an Advanced Certified Lay Speaker. She has appeared on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show to give praise to God on national television. Today her time is spent counseling others who need to know how wonderful an intimate relationship with God is, through Yeshua/Jesus.

Deborah currently has four books published, filled with poems of praise to her Lord. Please contact her through Google+ at https://plus.google.com/102491872448517471917/posts to find out how to order them:

The titles and prices are as follows:

1.) Even I Have The Right To Be Okay (My testimonial booklet – $1)

2.) A Miracle In The Making (Inspirational poetry $16)

3.) A Miracle In The Making Too (Inspirational poetry $20)

4.) From My Heart To God’s Ear – New Psalms Unto The Lord (Inspirational poetry $25)


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