A “Be” Attitude Revolution

Most of us have heard of the “b” attitudes in the Bible. If you need a refresher, go to Matthew 5:3 and you can read them, beginning with “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” 005All of these “b” attitudes were part of Jesus’ personal teaching.

I thought with everything going on in our country today, I’d come up with my own “b” attitudes. Guides to show how we can bring God back to this nation.

  1. Be thoughtful of others. We have homeless vets living on the streets and children who are without parental authority. It’s time to help where we are needed, whether that means to cook a meal for someone down the street or mentor children in school.
  2. Be kind to everyone, even those on-line. The internet has given people the anonymity to bully others in a way they’d never do so face-to-face. It’s time we call out these people. Adults, you should know better.
  3. Be considerate of others. We seem to do things without any thought of the outcome. People get trampled every year on Black Friday just so we can get the best deal, and guns are being brought to
    concerts for no apparent reason. Stop making everything about you.
  4. Be protective of those who can’t protect themselves. We just saw in the news where a young girl passed out and got raped. Thankfully two young men stopped the rapist. Unfortunately, in another case, a fifteen-year-old girl killed herself because people passed around a picture of her taking a shower. One even went so far as to post it on-line. Be a leader. When you see something like this going on, don’t join in. Instead call out the people who are harming others.
  5. Be intelligent when you put someone in charge of your country or community. Look for Godly actions, not just words. Today we have too many people in charge who claim to be Christian, yet show very little Christian ethics. It’s time for Christians to know who they’re voting for by looking at the way they behave, not in the words they say.
  6. Be compliant when a police officer asks you to do something. Too often, in these cases where someone is hurt, if they’d only complied, things would have been different. It’s better to go to jail for a little while then to end up in the morgue.
  7. Be careful who you follow. Too many of the “idols” we fall for are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Or more particularly, the devil trying to lead us astray. Stop idolizing others. Most of these people will never live up to your expectations. The only person you should follow with all your heart and mind is Jesus Christ.
  8. Be diligent in your walk with God. Read the Bible and pray daily. Time spent with Him will only increase your faith and lead you to a deeper understanding of what He wants for you in your life.

eyeoreSo what are your “be” attitudes? Let’s get a list growing of ways we can turn this country back into a Godly nation again.

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