Prayer for the Upcoming Election

This country needs to bring God back, and a good place to start is on this Election Day. Below is a prayer that I hope you will use as a guide on the morning of November 8.


Dear Father,

You are an awesome God. I believe anything can be done through You. As You know we have an important election that will decide the future of our country, a country that was founded on Christian principles. We have lost a lot of those principles in the last few years. Lord, help us to bring them back.

I pray for Christians to vote with their heart, not based on a political party. I ask that anyone who is voting against Your wishes becomes so uncomfortable, they can’t vote until they change their selection. I also pray that each person who claims to be Christian prays before they vote. And, Lord, I pray Christians come out in droves to choose your candidate, not ours.

And once this election is over, I pray whoever is put into office will act with honesty and in a Godly manner, no matter their past. Most of all, Father, I pray we remember You are in control at all times. You are still God. You love us, and You have a reason for anything that might happen in the way of this election.

In Jesus’ precious name,



Have a good week, and, if you haven’t already, get out there and vote.

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