Girls Follow Boys

I’m about to say something that will tick off most diehard feminists. If you want to grow your church, find a way to bring in men. Why? Because girls follow boys and women follow men.

Our society tells girls that being popular and pretty are very important. And the reason for that is to get a boyfriend. What would Barbie be without Ken? Or Betty and Veronica without Archie? Women feel they need a man, any man, just so they feel less alone. They’ll even go so far as to pay some stranger in Nigeria just to have some sort of companionship.


The cosmetic companies and clothing stores have made billions off the concept that a woman needs a boyfriend, husband, or partner. And women purchase whatever is being sold in the hopes they obtain a mate.

Seems only natural that if churches want to fill their pews, the best way is to bring in men, this way the women will follow.

Why do girls join gangs, go to fraternity parties, or rush over to join terrorist groups like ISIS? Is it because they’re treated so nicely? Of course not. It’s because that’s where plenty of boys are hanging out. So if you make your church services geared toward men, having sports figures come speak, talk about barbecuing in your sermons, etc. then men will fill the pews. And if more men come, wouldn’t more women come also?

I’m not saying this as a slight on women but think about that single male friend you invite to a party. How many of your single female friends swarm him like hyenas after a fresh kill?


What women don’t realize is, the more you look, the less likely you are to attract. By making yourself appear desperate, you will only get men willing to use you. Satan will get you a man, God will get you a husband. So if you focus on God, you can end up with not only what you want, but the best God has to offer. Matthew 6:33 says, But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.


According to an article in The Guardian, when it comes to people defrauded on a local dating site, “Victims are typically women aged from their mid-40s to mid-60s and looking for companionship.”


Our media tells us that while a man can be a lone wolf, a woman, no matter how strong, needs a man to help. Think batman vs. wonder woman. He fights alone. However, she has a man at her side. Women are brought up to believe that without a man we are nothing. Televisions shows reinforce that notion every day. And don’t get me started on the number one genre of fiction – romance. No matter how much feminists might not like it, women do go to places where the men hang out, whether it be bars or church.

It does make one wonder. In a society filled with look-good-to-get-your-man media, would churches be full if men chose to hang there on Sunday instead of in front of the TV watching football games?

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