Being Stupid Doesn’t Count in Heaven

Being stupid in this world can cost you. I know. I bought some face lotion on-line. Normally I don’t purchase anything unless I can go through Paypal, but this company only took credit cards. I must have been too lazy to get my credit card because I put the charge on my bank card. I can’t tell you the last time I did that for any purchase online. Well, you guessed it, turned out to be a scam. Almost $200.00 later, and I’m fighting the charges.

Being stupid in this world can Cost you.

If I’d done more research, I would have seen the complaints filed against this company, but I didn’t bother.

Every once in a while, I get sucked into something like this. A lot of others do too. It’s especially easy as an author with all the companies out there that claim they can get us sales.

We’ve all done dumb things we wished we could undo. A lot of it’s because we didn’t listen to that voice telling us to beware. I can’t help but think if I’d spent more time with God than on the Internet, I might have heard that warning voice clearer.

I’m just glad stupid things aren’t going to keep me out of Heaven. Yes, God wants me to use discernment. We learn this in Philippians 1:9 where Paul says, And this is my prayer: I pray that your love will grow more and more. I pray that you will have better understanding and be wise in all things. I wasn’t very wise. As humans, we have a tendency to jump instead of wait.

thieves-2012532_1920I’m lucky all that got me was an immoral on-line company.

Thankfully, I have God’s grace that gives me salvation. It’s one of the many gifts He has given us.

Discernment is another. In order to use it, we must be patient and listen to His voice. We, as Christians, should be wise about choices we make. Too often, we’ve allowed false teachings to guide us because we couldn’t tell the difference between good and evil.


Life offers you a lot of invitations… Be wise enough to choose which are worth attending to. – Anonymous


Today, I might have lost some money, but it’s better than losing my soul. It may sound silly to some of you, but it was a good lesson to me on discernment. I’m lucky all that got me was an immoral on-line company. If I’m not a bit more careful, it could be something far worse.

We all make mistakes, whether it’s being unwise, harming another, or worse. But if we ask for forgiveness, there is freedom. And take your time to listen to God or you might end up losing out. And the cost could end up being something far more than money.


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